Blog Idol Impostor

I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of time obsessing about this world of blogging. I think that there is some honest intent in my efforts, but, likely buried deep beneath a layer of impostor sod. I crave comments…good ones at that! I check it multiple times a day, browse other blogs so that I can comment there in the hopes that others will link back to mine and comment, just so that I can affirm myself.

But, when I strip it all down, when I look at the amount of time I devote to this plastic vehicle, I realize that so much of it is hollow. Mere empty calories. Providing no nourishment, but, feeding the gluttony of me. Rolling around in my own noise, I steal time from my Abba. Time that could and should be spent reading His Word, loving my wife, meditating silently on His Greatness, or playing with my daughter…time that should be spent serving Him…loving God with all of my mind, heart, and spirit…loving my neighbor, my wife, my child, as I love myself. This time has been spent just serving my own selfish, fleeting, groundless, wasteful desires. I’m serving my impostor a three-course steak dinner while starving the ones that I love.

Now it is time to go to bed. I will do so realizing with clarity what mistakes I need to learn from and apply to tomorrow’s walk. I do so realizing that my Abba loves me as much now, at the end of this idolatry-laden day, as much as He did before I rolled out of bed this morning.

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