Don’t Go To Church To Find God

God is not found in a church. The great I AM is too big for a building, a bureaucratic hierarchy, or a denominational stance.

Audible words are not necessary. God knows your heart whether you know it or not. Stop trying to look at others to find God.

We will never be satisfied if we hope to find meaning in a building. We will never find peace like a river by watching the walk of another person.

Instead, find it in your soul right now by taking off your masks and asking God for it. Grab the grace. It is unearned. It is free. It is available. Live in peace.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Go To Church To Find God

  1. If it wasn’t God, I find it hard to believe there would be an answer. I really do appreciate the perspective (as indicated in one of the posts on your page) you have regarding religion and the consequences of the existence of religious conflict. Religion kills in every sense of the word. I, too, have a hard time coming to grips with anyone who thinks that it pleases God when we kill others. As implied in my post that you responded to, I believe that God’s true intent in creating us was for the purpose of a love relationship. This means that I trust God to supply my needs and lead me to peace. In fact, he already has done both. I’ve tried to live in a manner that takes God’s will out of the picture and found out that it was much like trying to drive a car with really bad allignment at 65 mph on a congested highway while holding a cellphone up to my ear. On another note, I think that the fact that you define yourself as an agnostic atheist is indicative of your own search. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

    A quote for you: “I have lived long enough to appreciate that Christianity is lived more in the valley than on the mountaintop, that faith is never doubt-free, and that although God has revealed Himself in creation and in history, the surest way to know God is, in the words of Thomas Aquinas, as tamquam ignotum, as utterly unknowable. No thought can contain Him, no word can express Him; He is beyond anything we can intellectualize or imagine.” -From Abba’s Child, by Brennan Manning Pp.98, 1994

  2. Hey Mark, this is Tom Fisher. Interesting blog.

    I agree (in a sense) with the thesis of what you wrote. Thing is: the Word of God never said the Church was a building (or a hierarchy or a denomination), but it does describe us (because I am part of the Church) as the Body of Christ (with Christ, admittedly, as the Head).

    I was at a prison ministry this weekend, and, while leading worship, asked the 42 men there, “Who is the church?” – note: WHO is the church, not WHAT? They know the answer that many in the Church do not: “We are the Church!”

    The Church is all God’s people, everywhere.

    And anywhere two or more are gathered in the love of Jesus, there’s the Church.

  3. While it is true that the people are the church, it is precisely my point that pinning our hopes and dreams of salvation on inspiration borrowed from the lives of others is like building our houses on sand. Our gracious salvation comes from opening up to our Abba, through Jesus, on a very personal level. The personal admittance of need and plea for forgiveness to Jesus is the critical step and it is a step that in no way requires the involvement of a third, earthly, party or a brick and mortar structure.
    Thanks again for the comment.

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