He Knows That I Know

I read some of Abba’s Child last night just before going to sleep. In it Manning wrote about the importance of accepting and focusing upon the present risenness of Jesus Christ. I admit to often praying with my thoughts directed toward a historical, biblical figure. Then, there are times that I do focus on the future reality of Christ within the context of the second coming. But, I most often fail to truly accept and revel in the realization of Christ as a daily confidant, friend, adviser, and defender. As I sit here typing now, I can know that Christ is very conscious of my activity. He knows that I know. Likewise, I can take comfort in knowing that he knows that I doubt, stumble, sin, and mismanage my life every day. It is the Holy Spirit that leads me to realize my faults and confess them to him. It is at this kind of time when my learned confidence in his patience and grace frees me to move forward in his light, progressing on a path that he has laid out for me.

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